Challenge Liz. The next YouTube sensation

Before we start harping on about what exciting fundraising events have occurred this last week and what is coming up we just need to do a little housekeeping on previous events.

Firstly we now have a total raised by Elements Europe when they held a car boot sale a while back and can announce, finally, that they have added an amazing £1,380 to the fund, great work all.

And the Bridgnorth Walk keeps on giving; we have received two cheques from Bridgnorth Lions that have been sent on behalf of people or organisations associated with the walk who have chosen Rupert’s Revenge as the cause they wish to support. £24 from Sally Themans and £45 from Co-Op Funeral Care. Thanks for thinking of Rupert!

Also arriving in the post this week was a fabulous cheque for £1,000 from Cleobury Mortimer Young Farmers who continue to support the cause with fantastic donations like this.

And now on to events from the last week starting with the Bridgnorth Mini Run which was the brainchild of James Edwards. A technicolor array of classic minis, and one new shape hanger on, met in Bridgnorth and then zig zagged their way around Shropshire for the next few hours. The event raised £143.55 for Rupert and was great fun for drivers, passengers and spectators alike. Great job James.

Now just to prove that there are no depths that we won’t sink to extract cash from friends and family, Liz accepted a challenge to consume a whole spicy sausage at a BBQ over the weekend with the promise of a £20 donation. She stepped forward and duly obliged and Rob Mulhern has honoured his bet. You are going to have to think again if you think Mrs Beckett is worried about a fiery banger guys. But this has given us an idea; what else is she prepared to do to raise money? Step forward with your challenges guys J

Coming up this weekend, in addition to Liz completing your challenges, is a Football Tournament in the Severn Centre Highley on Thursday and the Wolverhampton Half Marathon where John Glover will be competing for Rupert so please go along and support if you can.

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