What a Saturday that was!

Despite intense efforts to bring the blog back on schedule, here it is late AGAIN. Can’t get the staff!

Before we get onto Saturday night’s clash just a few other items to bring to your ever interested attention.

Janet Maiden continues to be the focal point for all Chelmarsh related fundraising and has most recently forwarded the following:

  • £50 additional donation from the recent golf day;
  • £30 donated by the man who won and sold the golf in the Chelmarsh Grand Draw (Very generous or just a sensible guy who doesn’t like the stupid game – you decide);
  • £45 from the collection box at the Sports and Social Club.

Thanks Chelmarsh!! You are so much better than Highley. (Janet call off the dogs it was just a joke).

This week we attended a presentation at Bridgnorth Cricket Club where Rupert’s Revenge was given a cheque for £300 which was a proportion of the monies raised during a Fun Day organised by Catherine Bowler-Jones, Maureen Munford and friends. Air Ambulance and Macmillan were the other beneficiaries of the event. Big thank you to all involved in raising funds for three great causes.

Clare and Harry Williams got hitched recently in Enville and under “Gift List” on the invitation it simply said “feel free to make a donation to Rupert’s Revenge”. It also said “unable to accommodate children but well behaved dogs are welcome” absolutely brilliant!! Anyway we digress, the point is that many of their guests donated via Just Giving, direct into the bank or by cheque and for this we would just like to say a big thank you to all. We would also like to take this opportunity to wish Clare and Harry a long and happy marriage, with or without dogs.

Marie Pardoe recently sold some Take That tickets on EBay for £210, assumedly because she couldn’t attend not because she thinks they are not the same since Jason left. Anyway, keeping to the point again, she very kindly donated the whole of the sale to Rupert’s Revenge. Very generous indeed, if fact this could be the “Greatest Day”. This stuff doesn’t write itself you know.

Now last Saturday, as you know, saw two events that could not have been any different. Other than both raising money for Rupert and both taking place in Bridgnorth the only other thing they had in common was that they both wowed the audience with breathtaking renditions leaving them baying for more and screaming for encore after encore after encore. Yes Bridgnorth Choir Mania and Rupert’s Comedy Night were both outstanding successes, in their own way, and by some fluke found further common ground with their fundraising. The comedy night in total raised £1,042 (No idea how, we think Leanne may have sold the Bin Laden costume) and Choir Mania raised £1,044. Those mathematicians amongst you will have calculated that this represents a difference of only 0.19%; the rest of us will have just thought “bugger that was close”. Either way a tremendous evening of outstanding entertainment requires a massive thank you from us to all involved.

Now don’t forget that on this coming Sunday we are entering a team into the Up the Steps Walk organised by The Rotary Club of Bridgnorth. Additional team members are still welcome or just come along for support, starts at 2pm.

One last thing, the Sainsbury’s Big Bag Pack that was set for this coming weekend (6th, 7th and 8th October) has been cancelled unfortunately but thanks to anyone that had volunteered to help out.

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