Goodbye NHS?

A break from the fundraising news this week; here’s a message from Rupert’s Mummy:

I just can’t sleep, despite being exhausted. Too many things are racing through my head. …..a night time rambling post alert.

One of my thoughts tonight at 3:46am, is how lucky we are to live in the UK and receive FREE NHS care…. free at the point of need, and I certainly never expected to live in it or ever be so dependent upon it.
The NHS is fantastic, regardless of its publicised problems. Yes, we have had some bad experiences, but the brilliance certainly outshines any of that. It has provided Rupert with excellent standards of free care, with such compassion and support; it’s truly amazing. They have saved Rupert’s life, without hesitation on a number of occasions.
Rupert’s team of Drs and nurses have pushed and strived to give Rupert the best, above and beyond their job descriptions. Getting a desperate phone call from me, about Rupert whilst on their holiday, and responding, certainly is not within a Dr’s job description. Yet it happens….. Nursing staff working through their breaks, extending their hours freely, to give Rupert that one to one care he needs…. playing Rupert’s games, riding on his scooter and making him laugh; staff brining me a cappuccino, when they arrive at work, that extra pillow or a more comfy parent bed. Not to mention the shoulder to cry on, to scream at and those calming words of encouragement. The favourite staff that Rupert trusts and loves. 💕
True dedication.

The clinical treatment, expertise and experience within the NHS is phenomenal. Just think of how many different specialists, surgeons and nurses there are….it’s just crazy. The three words, “National Health Service” should be magnified not abbreviated to simply the NHS. There is no way I could ever repay the NHS for the treatment Rupert has received so far;
I will be forever grateful, as I know Rupert would not be alive today without the NHS….
I lie here thinking about Rupert’s possible future treatment; entering him into an American system, where capitalist funding and great expense loom. Rupert’s routine weekly blood test has a price tag attached, every drug administered is calculated, nights in a hospital bed entered into a itemised bill. My out of hours hotline to Rupert’s consultant will certainly not be free or even exist.
Essentially, we will be buying Rupert’s future…. paying to keep him and his cheeky smile alive.

Before Rupert was born, I never planned or put aside money for this rainy horrendous storm. Who thinks of childhood cancer, when starting a family or grasping those tiny newborn baby fingers….
Every night, despite the challenges of Rupert’s treatment and the countless other family stuff, I lie awake thinking how on earth are we going to achieve this overwhelming sum of money to pay for Rupert’s medical treatment.
How did we ever get to this point in our life…
Rupert’s disease has exceeded what the NHS can offer, but Rupert still he has so much more fight to give. How can I give up, knowing that beyond the NHS Rupert has a chance, a future…. I just can not give up..
I feel indebted to so many people. People, that I have never met. It’s beyond embarrassing to me; to be so dependent; asking for help does not come easily or feel right; but none of my life feels right anymore.
There is no way I can ever begin to repay or truly express my gratitude. I can just about hold back the tears… being outwardly emotional is awkward too. My stiff upper lip mentality is struggling to get me through this nightmare.
But Rupert’s smile and his siblings laughter are my inspiration to keep going.

I have no idea what the future holds but I know the NHS is fantastic and there are so many amazingly kind and generous people in this world.
A huge Thank you to everyone. #rupertsrevenge

Now, I wish this night time brain would now switch off…and let me sleep!

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