Roof Repairs Required at St. Leonards

Well we know we missed a week but that was just to recover from the extravaganza that was Bridgnorth & West End Sings for Rupert, as people said numerous times on FaceBook WOW!!

Talk about that in a minute but first let us give details of other events raising funds for the cause. Boughton School held an Inflatable’s Sports Day, oh how things have changed since our school days, and raised a very impressive £250. Hope you all had fun and thanks greatly for thinking of Rupert.

Gareth Froggatt and Ferring Pharmaceuticals have raised £370 + £75 by taking part in a ½ marathon – great work, thanks Gareth! And Sandra Ward held a Cake Sale and raised £45 – fantastic, thanks again 😊

We have received a further £100 from Claire & Harry who you will remember asked guests at their wedding to donate to the fund rather than buy presents, thanks guys. Following in a similar vein Gill Coombs has asked her friends to give to Rupert in place of both Birthday and Christmas presents this year, how thoughtful and generous is that!

Now as we alluded to at the start there was a small event held in town last weekend (19th) that some of you may have heard about. A hand full of West End stars, a fairly well-known conductor, some folks playing musical instruments and a few hundred local singers were joined by a few more hundred strong audience to witness what was a truly fantastic performance from start to finish. We’d like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to Sally Themans, the orchestra managed by Hollie Whittles, the musical director and conductor Alfonso Casado Trigo, the soloists Erica Anne Deakin, Karen Evans, Rob Houchen, Chris Key, Lucy Key, Jeremy Secomb and Laura Tebbut. These guys along with the ensemble singers helped to raise a wonderful £17,300 – WOW!

Events coming up in the near future are Clee Hill Rugby Club Casino Night on Saturday 9th December and Ian & George’s Christmas Quiz at the George on Sunday 10th December..

As always full details on the website

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