Rupert’s Revenge left the County

Liz enjoyed her Body Pump class so much a week last Tuesday at the Halloween Haunting at The Gym Club that she almost signed up for another session.. She did get awarded a £10 Sports Direct voucher for her efforts which will be appearing as a prize in an event soon. Overall the Club raised £147.80 for Rupert’s Revenge so big thanks to all involved.

The collection box from The Wash House in Cleobury has been emptied and a further £40 added to the coffers.

From interrogation of the bank account we can see that NatWest Midlands has deposited a further £142.81 raised through various events, £40 has been paid in tagged A Wilson Sponsorship which we think is for the Up the Steps Walk and £10 from R Davies just referenced as Crowd funding. All very much appreciated.

Last weekend we went outside of the county to the bright lights of Manchester. Yes, on Saturday we attended a House and Nu-Disco (Whatever that is?) event at The Whiskey Jar in Tariff Street. Rupert’s Disco Revenge, hosted by Richard Johnson, was by far the most advertised event on Facebook and looked to be something that you just couldn’t miss. We started banking sleep in the early part of last week as it didn’t start until most self-respecting people would be mixing their Horlicks and ended around the time a shift worker on earlies would be getting up. Still you’re only middle aged once. Anyway, needless to say it was worth the sleep deprivation and an amazing £2,000 was raised! Huge thanks to Richard Johnson and his team of helpers!

On Sunday, we were invited to meet Hannah Fairclough and her 3 not so silent helpers Tom, Katie and Ben to collect a cheque for £566 – these guys stayed silent for a whole 24 hours; AMAZING!

Looking further ahead, we are still looking for volunteers to be Stewards for the West End & Bridgnorth Sings for Rupert event being held on Sunday 19th November at St Leonards Church – see you there!

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