It’s been too long

“¡Hola!Buenas noches” as Rupert might say from Barcelona – that’s “Hello, Good Evening” to you and I! 😊

We’ll come back to that later.. first of all, we’re here again aren’t we – with us apologising for the late publication of this blog – all we can say is that we’ve been busy and there’s no excuse other than that! And we know you’ve missed our blog because we’ve had so many people ask where it is, OK well 1 person but that’s good enough for us! Maybe if we didn’t ramble as much we’d get the blog written more quickly and it wouldn’t be so bloomin’ late – Right, lesson learned let’s move on!

Massive thanks to the Pound Green and District Villagers Association who raised £250 at their “Villagers Harvest Lunch” – lovely jubbly! And last week we received a surprise envelope in the post from Bob Turner of FRS Country wear with a £20 note in it – fantastic, thank you very much indeed. Bob referenced a conversation with someone from Bridgnorth Rugby Club, so thanks to that chap too!

Following Rupert’s Mummy’s Facebook post regarding their trip to Barcelona for tests and possible treatment (talk about that later), Hannah Farquarson Littleford contacted us to ask if we’d like our collection pots in every TFM (Telford Farm Machinery) store – 13 in total! Umm, let us think about that? – YES PLEASE!!

The ever-generous Maureen and John Orididge had a very big wedding anniversary recently (50 years – congratulations!) and asked for donations rather than presents giving us another £170 – amazing! Added to this a further £100 came from Helen Western in lieu of the Comedy Night back in September – fantastic support – thank you!

The lovely Rachel Guestford had a Bake Sale at work and she, along with support from Western Power in Ludlow, gave £115 to Rupert’s fund – thank you so much for your support and raising awareness!

And Richard Johnson banked the money raised from Rupert’s Disco Revenge, depositing a massive £2,137.06 – fandabadozi! Thanks again Richard.

Now, we have had a bank statement in which included (amongst all the items aforementioned) £20 from “Green Eleanor” and £100 from Richard Pearce – thanks to you guys! This brings us on to the point that money can be deposited directly to the Rupert’s Revenge bank account – details can be found here: If you add your name on any deposits made we’ll give you a shout out (this method also avoids the commission Just Giving take)

Dates for your diary – Don’t forget it’s the postponed Quiz at the George in Bridgnorth this Sunday at 7.30pm, Berriman Eaton are having a Bake Off and it’s the Family Christmas Party at Chelmarsh on Saturday 23rd December – go here for details:

Finally, we must mention that Rupert is still out of the Country. And hot off the press, we’re reliably informed that he’ll start treatment on Monday.. watch this space for further updates.

Hasta luego

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