It’s Christmas!

Well what a week it’s been following the big news from Barcelona!

We’re hoping that Rupert and his Mummy & Daddy will be home for Christmas as he is given a brief break from the “therapy” and while his specialist consultants review how well he tolerates the treatment. We’re still waiting for a detailed break down of the cost of treatment and we’ll keep you informed once prices have been confirmed. So far, the fund has made an initial payment of €25,000 for the tests Rupert had to have to ensure he met the criteria needed.

Back in Blighty, fundraising continues at a steady rate despite the Christmas rush. Sue Burrows and Andy Baker very kindly sent across £100 in lieu of their green fees as they were unable to attend Rupert’s Golf Day in October – thanks for that guys!

And some farming friends, Les Woodhouse and family sent a cheque for £200 – absolutely fantastic, means a lot, thank you!

Uncle Mark found £5 on the footpath whilst walking the dogs and since no one claimed the note this has also been added to the fund.

We had a surprise in the post from Bridgnorth Male Voice Choir, another cheque this time for £77.60 which was collected at a recent craft fair held at Dudmaston Hall. Did you know that this takes the total raised by this great group of fellows to a massive £2,798.96 – amazing, thank you so much!

On Sunday we attended Ian & George’s Christmas Quiz at the George in Bridgnorth – a great night was had by all and £82.80 was raised – thanks again guys, your continued support is fantastic.

An update on the amount raised at Barney Bricks Memorial Day at Clee Hill Rugby Club.. the total so far is £1.901.32 plus a £130 donation from Butler Reynolds Limited takes the proceeds to over £2k and Stephan Brick tells us there’s more to come – thank you so much!

Berriman Eaton have had their Bake-Off competition today and have raised £50 – bloomin’ brilliant, special thanks to Bruce Attwood for organising this, the cakes looked amazing!

In other news, we had a lovely email from Rachael at Bridgnorth Expressfit yesterday, they’re going to do a raffle at their Christmas Party on Saturday – such a lovely thought, thank you very much and hope the party is good 😊

Oh.. don’t forget we have a Christmas party of our own on Saturday at Chelmarsh Sports and Social Club – click here for more information and don’t forget to let us know if Father Christmas should expect your little one on the day 😊

And finally – a MASSIVE thank you to everyone for your support this year!

Merry Christmas to one and all – here’s wishing for a healthy and happy 2018 for every one of us!

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