We’re an hour early?

This blog is not late… OK? Andrew Maiden has raised £430 at a Shooting Day. No, not a post office … Continue reading “We’re an hour early?”

Surrounding villages compete to be “Great”

Now bang on time here is this week’s blog. Liz popped up to The Three Horseshoes and picked up a … Continue reading “Surrounding villages compete to be “Great””

Time to take a breath

Due to ongoing staff problems we have re-scheduled the blog release to ensure that it is no longer late, a … Continue reading “Time to take a breath”

What a Saturday that was!

Despite intense efforts to bring the blog back on schedule, here it is late AGAIN. Can’t get the staff! Before … Continue reading “What a Saturday that was!”

Stuffed faces and sore arses, always the best way round!

Apologies to all the keen Ruperteers out there for the slightly delayed issue of this week’s Blog. We are sure … Continue reading “Stuffed faces and sore arses, always the best way round!”

Better late than never!

Hi there Ruperteers. We must start with an apology for the delay in publishing this blog; we’ve had a deluge … Continue reading “Better late than never!”

Challenge Liz. The next YouTube sensation

Before we start harping on about what exciting fundraising events have occurred this last week and what is coming up … Continue reading “Challenge Liz. The next YouTube sensation”

You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off

So, isn’t it annoying when people start sentences with “so”, we finally got news from deepest Africa that the dynamic … Continue reading “You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off”