Rupert’s Trust

The “Rupert’s Revenge” Trust  has been set up to ensure that donors’ can be assured that funds are used effectively and transparently for Rupert or for children in a similar situation. Two independent trustees, Robert Andrews of Andrews Ritson, Solicitors and John Williamson, farmer of Middleton Scriven plus Rupert’s mother will oversee the investment of funds and their distribution.

The Trust has opened a bank account in the name of Rupert’s Revenge.

At this stage the Trust cannot be registered as a charity in view of the Charity Commission regulations about raising funds for a specific purpose rather than a general purpose, namely Rupert’s battle.  However this does not affect the beneficial use of the Trust but means that gift aid cannot be collected from HMRC.

If funds are not required by Rupert the trustees will distribute the funds to similar charitable causes.

If you would like to know more about the Trust please contact: [email protected]